Use Preventative Maintenance Software To Stay Ahead Of Clogs

September 23, 2015
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For many, flushable wipes are a the tool to use! Not only do they help you stay cleaner after using the restroom but they're disposable too – or are they? According to Bloomberg News:

 Sewer pipe


Big Potential Problems

The problem is that these flushable wipes and baby wipes don't always break down like they should and end up clogging the sewer system.  There is a system known as the “slosh box test” which sloshes a flushable wipe around and guages how long it takes to disintegrate. The problem is that some didn't even pass this test, which is stronger than your typical waste water pipe.  Another issue is that some people may buy what they think are flushable wipes but are instead, the kind that should be thrown away. You have to actually read the packaging to make sure it states that it is flushable and some people just assume that the ones they buy are.


Educate Staff, Guests and Employees

Many places have started education people about not flushing these down the toilet and instead, throwing them in the trash. However, not many people are too keen on that idea since the whole point of the flushable wipe is that you use it like toilet paper.  As a maintenance manager, you have to make your own decision.  Should it be mentioned that flushable wipes are not to be used?  It is hard to regulate though since this is something that is done in private. It is at least good to be aware that there is an issue with flushable wipes so that you can at least try to educate your guests or employees and if there is a problem later on, you may have a heads up on what is causing the clog.


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Preventative Maintenance Software is integral in this situation so that you don't have to call out the plumbers or worse, the city maintenance department due to people using the wrong type of wipe.


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