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August 7, 2015
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The Sydney Opera House may seem like a world away from where your business is located and that's probably true. However, there is something that you may share in common with this famous landmark; they have maintenance work that has to be done, just like everyone else.



Its Never Too Late

Sydney Opera House is having major upgrades as well as major maintenance work being done.  Important stage equipment will be upgraded including the theatrical flying system, rigging system, lifts, fire sprinklers and lighting. Mechanised fillers will be installed to replace the current manual system for closing the gap between the orchestra pit in its raised position and the stage floor.  Ms Herron compared the Opera House's backstage equipment to a 1960s-vintage car.


"This is a car that has been running for more than 40 years now and the engine basically is worn out," she said. "We need to plan to replace the engine just from a reliability point of view to make sure that we can continue to operate. There will come a time when it would no longer work.”


Don't Delay

While this is an extreme example, any maintenance department goes through similar potential downtime scenarios but there is a way to offset some of the work that can cause a facility to close.  By having preventative maintenance software in place, the work won't build up as fast, creating a backlog of things that have to be done just to keep operations running smoothly.


Change Mindset

It's typical behavior to wait until something has to be fixed rather than work on fixing it a little at a time and even an amazing place like the Sydney Opera House has this problem. In your own facility though, why not work on preventing work from getting behind or equipment becoming non-operational?


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With Preventative Maintenance Software, you are able to set up tasks in advance and when it comes time to do them, it is automatically scheduled. It makes keeping up with maintenance easier so you can relax knowing that the work is getting done on time and saving you money. 


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