Preventative Maintenance Will Help Keep Your HVAC Running Smooth

May 24, 2017
1 min

We often talk about HVAC maintenance but there is a reason for that – your HVAC system is crucial to your building because if you don’t have heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer, your building and the comfort of your employees and/or guests is compromised.


Here are a few things to look for when performing preventative maintenance on your HVAC system:

  • Filter replacement
  • Checking the condition of belts and pulleys and replacing as needed
  • Clearing drain lines and pans
  • Checking electrical connections
  • Adjusting fans and blower motors as needed
  • Inspecting ignition and burners
  • Lubricating motors and moving parts
  • Inspection of thermostats and controls
  • Inspection of heat exchangers
  • Cleaning of condensers and evaporator coils
  • Checking air flow
  • Full mechanical and systems audit

Now these are items that a professional can check out but if you have them set up to be part of your regular preventative maintenance checks, then you can ensure that the employee assigned to the task can make sure the equipment is running at its best.  Following, are ways to benefit when keeing on top of your cooling systems:

Fewer Service Calls

This is pretty self-explanatory but by having HVAC equipment that is kept in good shape, you will find that there is less need for service calls that can be expensive and inconvenient.


Equipment That is More Safe

Whether it’s a fire hazard or toxic fumes from leaks, keeping up with your HVAC equipment ensures that it is safer for everyone.


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Equipment That Has a Longer Lifespan

With lubricated parts and regular maintenance, your HVAC system will last you longer and will save you money.


Less Emergency Repairs

Along with fewer service calls, keeping the HVAC unit maintained properly will help alleviate some of the emergency repairs that are needed. This also saves more money and allows you to focus on other tasks in the maintenance department.


Whether you maintain your own HVAC until or contract it out, it needs to be done on a regular basis to ensure you save money, protect your equipment, and keep everyone safer.



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