Preventative Maintenance for Commercial Swimming Pools

March 25, 2016
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Whether your commercial swimming pool is at an apartment complex, a healthcare center, a hotel, or motel – it's never too soon to think about the proper preventative maintenance.


Summer's Coming

While some areas of the country have their pools closed right now, others have heated pools or are thinking about preparing for the spring or summer.


The "Not So Common"

While there are always things to think about like the chemicals or regular maintenance, here are a few less common tasks that you might consider focusing on. 

  • Drain Entrapment. Drain entrapment is when someone's limbs, hair, etc is caught in the pool drain where it can cause physical injury. This is something that isn't just what you might see in a horror movie – it really happens. Consider investing in a SVRS, which is a Safety Vacuum Release System. This is a device that shuts off the pump automatically if there is something blocking it. You should also check to be sure that your drain covers are compliant and ensure that the electrical cut off switch is plainly and visibly marked. Every employee should know how to turn off the switch to the pool or spa and where that switch is at.

  • Pool Lighting Safety. Electricity and water do not mix and causes major safety hazards. A 12 volt system is much safer than a 120 volt system due to the lower voltage but if you do want a high voltage system for your pool lights, make sure a licensed electrician installs them and that every single part of your lighting system that could possible have water near it, has ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFI) to protect it.

  • Alarm Systems. There is a variety of pool alarm systems that work for gates and also those that work for the actual pool. For instance, some have a subsurface wave detection that has an alert if anything weighing over 15lbs falls into the water or even if there is someone there who shouldn't be there such as after-hour guests.


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Along with these tasks, make sure that your signage, gates, fencing, and safety equipment is all up to code before your pool opens and if you have a heated pool or live in an area where the weather permits swimming year round, these are preventative maintenance tasks that should be done on a regular basis.


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