A Pool of Opportunities: How CMMS Can Support Managing a Swimming Pool

May 6, 2021
2 min

Over the last months, swimming pools and recreation facilities had to go through several waves of openings and closings. Although now many of them are closed or work in the “appointment only” mode across North America due to pandemic-related restrictions, they didn’t disappear and will open for general use again sooner or later. Let’s find out what you can do during this season of closures to get ready for long-awaited post-COVID life!  

Optimizing the Routine  

As a facility manager, you know how much effort goes into keeping a swimming pool properly maintained. So many things to monitor: the use of the right chemicals, the pH level, the alkalinity and chlorine levels, and the list goes on! Besides, if before 2020 you had to follow the standards set by the National Swimming Pool Foundation and National Safety Foundation, now managing “stay 6 feet away”, additional cleaning, and extra reporting are also on your plate. Fortunately, there are ways to optimize the doubled work you and your maintenance team must do.   CMMS for swimming pools

Generally, all the tasks can be divided into what has to be done and what has to be checked. For example, you need to keep track of cleaning, like scrubbing the tiles and walls, checking pumps and drains, cleaning the areas of common use, etc. The other list might include checking any lights that may be out, checking safety equipment, updating the inventory to monitor the level of cleaning and PPE supplies.    

Tasks from both lists can be automized with the right CMMS solution. For example, Maintenance Care offers such features as DetSet (a Detailed Set of question, i.e. a checklist) that can be attached to any task in the system. This will ensure that not only the task is done but also all the required items are checked, and the whole team is aware of any issues. Another useful tool to outsource your memory is the Preventive Maintenance Feature. You set the task once, choose how regularly it should be done, and let the system do the rest. This feature lets you assign the responsible team members, choose the time and estimated duration, add extra notes, and much more.   

Keeping the Standards High  

Reporting. Everyone hates reports when having to create them, but they do serve as a valuable tool to streamline workflows, find information, and provide proves that the quality of work is as high as it is supposed to be. Of course, when an inspector comes, the fact that you have detailed and informative reports about all maintenance activities won’t cancel a real inspection, but it reduces the amount of stress since you have everything handy, and there’s no need to spend sleepless nights using a third-party tool to design comprehensive papers.   

swimming pool maintenance

Customizable dashboards and flexible reporting tools of Maintenance Care CMMS allow you to produce reports that meet the everyday needs of running a swimming pool and that satisfy the requirements of state or provincial governing bodies.  

CMMS software does a whole lot more than just managing work orders. It helps you schedule other tasks, track assets history, work and access the system remotely, and more.  It’s the best solution for those who manage swimming pools or bigger facilities that include pools, whether heated or not, that will help you meet both the challenges and happy days in the future.   

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