Common Issues with Preventative Maintenance Plans

February 2, 2018
1 min

Preventative maintenance is a must have in any type of facility. However, sometimes the best laid plans have issues. Here are a few common problems and how to approach them.

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The More the Better

Some department managers may be under the impression that if preventative maintenance works then why not do more. There is a problem with that – more doesn’t always mean better because you have to weigh the costs. For instance, cost does not simply mean a monetary value. Instead, you have to look at what it costs to perform the PM, cost of repairs depending on the level or amount of preventative maintenance, and cost of equipment downtime. Now while that seems that the latter two would work well with a “more is better” attitude, you have to take everything into account.

The best solution is to judge each task individually. For example, if you are doing four PM inspections and finding nothing wrong every time, are you spending too much manpower looking for something that isn’t there?


Only Using the Owner’s Manual

Owner’s manuals are there for a reason and should be adhered to but there is one caveat – not every department or location is the same and sometimes there can and should be alternate ways of using the equipment. If you are using a piece of equipment in one area of a facility where there is more usage, then it stands to reason that it might need more preventative maintenance measures than the one that is used less. Consult the owner’s manual like you should but also gauge how you want to use your equipment depending on its location and usage.


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It Looks Good Enough on Paper

In some facilities, the focus is how things look on paper. This may work sometimes but without your own visual inspection or taking time to audit the information, you are simply looking at numbers and data without having a hands-on approach. This can lead to becoming complacent and letting things go just because the data says everything is just fine.


Take the time to audit or see for yourself that the preventative maintenance work is being done and that things are working like they should. It never hurts to double check someone’s information.


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