Winter Is Coming, Be Prepare With A CMMS System

October 30, 2015
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Not everyone is staying at a resort that's as remote as the Stanley Hotel in Colorado, which we all know from the movie, The Shining. However, any maintenance department, whether it's for a hotel or a resort, has to prepare for the winter.


Here are a few integral areas that need attention to ensure you are ready for the cold months ahead.


Furnaces, Fireplaces, and Heating Units

Before winter arrives, check the fuel lines, chimneys, and heating elements in all furnace, fireplace, and heating units. 


With the great amount of snow that can accumulate on a rooftop during the winter, it is important to check for leaks and ice dams. Also, make sure it is easy to access the roof so that snow accumulation can be cleared once the winter arrives since this can be dangerous. 


One of the worst maintenance disasters is when frozen pipes burst. This causes thousands and thousands of dollars in damage. Make sure the insulation is adequate and that all lines have been drained and valves shut off so that you don't have a bigger issue later on.

Hot Tubs

Since hot tubs get the most usage during the winter months, it is important to ensure that they are not only running at their best energy efficiency but that all of the parts are maintained and the water is checked on a regular basis.

Safety Equipment

Safety equipment is a must on the “to-do” checklist. Make sure all exits are accessible, fire extinguishers are in working order, and that snow clearing equipment such as snow blowers and ice hammers are up to code.


Generators are a must-have in situations where the power goes out due to heavy winter storms but these are worthless if they're not working when you need them. Check out your backup power long before you need it, you don't want to be left in the cold.


These are just a few of the areas that need attention before the winter arrives. You can make all of your maintenance tasks much easier with a CMMS system from Maintenance Care.


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The winters may be harsh, but everything is easier when you plan ahead and get prepared. 

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