Why I Don't Want Maintenance Care: Top 5 Reasons and Rebuttals

June 4, 2024
7 min

We get it: a CMMS implementation plan might not be at the top of your priority list. In fact, you might be pretty comfortable with your current system for knocking out work orders and other maintenance tasks, whether it's paper-based or an existing software solution.

Change within your organization can be challenging. Gartner research shows only 47 percent of employees are receptive to change within the workplace. But there's a good reason for this: When leaders implement new solutions meant to help employees combat burnout or fatigue and boost efficiency, they tend to apply short-term bandages to fix systemic workflow challenges and fail to engage their teams in the process.

The key to adopting any new solution in your organization — and that includes CMMS software like Maintenance Care — is to include your maintenance departments in the CMMS implementation plan as early as possible. In fact, that same Gartner research found that when employees own implementation planning, change success increases by nearly a quarter.

But let's take a moment to delve into some common reasons people hesitate to adopt Maintenance Care and why those concerns might not hold up under scrutiny.

Reason 1: "My maintenance technicians are fine using paper."

Sticking with paper to request maintenance tasks, fulfill work orders, manage employee schedules and reference equipment manuals might seem just fine. After all, it’s tangible, familiar and has served your team well so far. But let's explore why going digital with a computerized maintenance management system could be a better solution.


  • Paper gets lost.
    We've all been there — important documents seem to vanish into thin air just when you need them most. Digital systems eliminate this risk by keeping your data in one secure place that is accessible anytime, anywhere, by any user on your team. With Maintenance Care, you don't even have to pay for extra users to access all the information they need!
  • Finding what you're looking for wastes time.
    Sorting through piles of paper to find specific information, equipment manuals, individual work orders or requests scribbled on a sticky note can be tedious and chaotic. Digital solutions allow for easy sorting, searching and locating the info you need with just a few clicks or taps on your mobile device.
  • There's a lack of informed decision-making.
    With a paper-based system, it’s challenging to identify trends or gather insights into your facility and overall operations. Maintenance Care provides robust reporting, analytics and trends that inform better decision-making, allowing you to act proactively rather than reactively.
  • Automation is everything.
    Paper systems are manual, clunky and often unorganized. Using a CMMS saves time and reduces manual errors with built-in automation features. Tasks that once took hours can now be completed in minutes, freeing up your team to focus on getting hands-on work done without delay.
  • Communication is improved.
    Maintenance Care's CMMS streamlines communication and collaboration among team members, ensuring everyone is on the same page and can access necessary information instantly. Our companion mobile app, iMCare, allows your team to access their assignments, access relevant notes and mark them complete, instantly notifying their maintenance manager and requester when the job is done.

Reason 2: "I'll get something in the future."

It’s easy to put off investing in new systems, thinking you’ll deal with it later. However, postponing can have its drawbacks. The longer you wait, the more comfortable your team will be using an outdated, inefficient system. On the other hand, if your current methods are causing frustration and you fail to make positive changes, your team could grow resentful or even resign.


  • Immediate benefits are key.
    Implementing Maintenance Care brings immediate advantages to you and your maintenance technicians, such as better organization, more streamlined project management, preventive maintenance scheduling and key information available on hand. The sooner you start, the quicker you reap the rewards.
  • You could risk major equipment failures.
    Without proper maintenance organized by the right system, small issues can become major problems, leading to costly repairs or compliance issues. Just as preventive maintenance is a key part of your facility management duties, getting ahead of issues rather than reacting to them can be accomplished with the proper system in place.
  • Liability issues could arise.
    Delaying the implementation of a CMMS can increase exposure to liability if an injury or accident occurs during maintenance usage due to a lack of proper maintenance or record-keeping.
  • Save money!
    Every day you delay adopting a better system is a missed opportunity to optimize operations and save on costs. Early adoption of Maintenance Care can lead to substantial long-term savings and improved ROI.

Reason 3: "I've seen enough CMMS implementation failures."

Some facilities managers worry their hands-on maintenance workers won't want to learn a new system or aren't tech-savvy enough to utilize a system like Maintenance Care. Maybe they've seen other facilities try to adopt a CMMS and fail because their team can't get the hang of it, or maybe their own team doesn't have time to navigate a brand-new workflow.


  • Maintenance Care is easy to use.
    Maintenance Care was specifically designed to be user-friendly and beneficial for facilities ranging from small businesses to large organizations. We call it "simply powerful" because it includes every feature you need for efficient maintenance while being easy to learn and start using from the jump.
  • Knowledge retention will benefit your entire organization.
    Housing all pertinent facility information in a centralized system like Maintenance Care's CMMS ensures that valuable details and updates aren't lost when employees leave. All data is stored centrally and is accessible to new team members at any time.
  • We have a tried-and-true implementation plan.
    We offer a five-step implementation approach, which is then customized to your facility, industry and specific needs. We walk you through everything you need to become a confident Maintenance Care expert. We also integrate with more than 5,000 other software systems, so we can set up your CMMS to work with existing tech stack so there's less of a learning curve.
  • Accountability is everything.
    If maintenance managers are worried a new system will be off-putting to their employees because it holds them accountable, it's time to ask yourself why. A system that streamlines safety, compliance and accountability prioritizes others in the building (i.e., visitors, employees and residents) and what is best for them. Your team should always have this in mind, and using a system with no real technology barrier will equip them with the right tools to do their jobs well.

Reason 4: "It's too expensive."

Cost is a major consideration for any new tool, software or system, and many worry that adopting Maintenance Care will be out of their budget or offer no substantial return on investment. While there is certainly some maintenance management software out there with exorbitant costs and extra bells and whistles you won't ever use or need, Maintenance Care is built differently.


  • You will experience high ROI.
    ROI for Maintenance Care is proven to save users money, plain and simple. Among our thousands of users, we've seen $52,000 a year in savings at least!
  • Our pricing is competitive.
    Compared to other software in the marketplace, Maintenance Care often comes out ahead in terms of value for money, providing more features and better support at a competitive price. We offer unlimited users and features, making it easier to budget and plan for future growth without worrying about additional costs. We even have a Free Forever edition designed specifically for digital work orders, which you can sign up for and begin using today.
  • Save more with preventive maintenance.
    Preventive maintenance improvements alone will pay for the software. Your old, outdated systems are likely draining your budget — think about how often you're replacing equipment that could be salvaged through proper maintenance that's managed by proactive software that notifies you well in advance when it's time to make repairs.
  • You'll boost productivity and reduce liability.
    Improved productivity and decreased risk compensate for any expense for software, making it a smart investment for any organization.

Reason 5: "My current software is good enough."

Sticking with what you know feels safe. We can appreciate that. But is your current software really meeting all your needs? Is your maintenance team as productive as it could be? Worried about the transition? 


  • You may be paying more than you have to.
    See if your current software includes unnecessary features or hidden costs per user. We offer a more transparent and cost-effective solution than other systems on the market. Check out this CMMS comparison report SelectHub put together to see how other software stack up.
  • You'll get better support.
    Our team prides itself on providing superior support services, ensuring that any issues are quickly addressed and resolved. At Maintenance Care, we uphold a personal connection with our users. We’re always listening and rolling out new features and improvements based on actual user feedback. We have no outside investors and are fully funded by our loyal customer base!
  • We scale with you.
    Many existing systems struggle with scalability. Maintenance Care's unlimited user model and ongoing feature upgrades ensure our CMMS can grow with your business without additional costs.
  • Results are guaranteed.
    Our CMMS will improve your maintenance operations and provide peace of mind that your investment will lead to tangible benefits. But don't just take our word for it...

    "We’ve used Maintenance Care software for years. It's simple and keeps us informed. It never misses preventive work with its easy schedule setup. It brings good communication among departments and has great support. It's our choice over other maintenance software and is cost-saving, with better results the more you use its features.” — Facility manager at Coast Victoria Hotel & Marina

Remember: We offer support for data conversion, ongoing training and a library of resources to ensure minimal effort is required to switch and learn the software, making the process smooth and stress-free.


Maintenance Teams Need an Award-Winning, Easy-To-Use CMMS Solution

The reasons for avoiding Maintenance Care often stem from misconceptions or resistance to change. However, as we've outlined above, the benefits of adopting our CMMS software far outweigh any perceived drawbacks. From preventing lost paperwork to immediate cost savings, improved communication and better decision-making, Maintenance Care provides a comprehensive solution that can transform your operations.

Consider the long-term benefits and potential cost savings for your facility and maintenance team. Successful CMMS implementation can start right now. Don’t wait for the future — begin optimizing your maintenance processes, submitting digital work orders and running reports today! If you're ready to see the benefits of our CMMS software for yourself, why not schedule a demo or reach out for more information? 

Embrace the change and watch your efficiency and savings grow!

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Our answers to your frequently asked CMMS software questions

What are the steps involved in implementing a CMMS?

Implementing a CMMS involves several critical steps:

  1. Calculate the Value: Assess the potential benefits and ROI of the CMMS.
  2. Work Closely With Key Departments: Collaborate with departments like production, planning, purchasing, operations, and IT.
  3. Organize Maintenance Data: Gather and clean existing maintenance data for migration.
  4. Lead the Project from the Top Down: Ensure strong buy-in, leadership and support from management.
  5. Select a Reliable Vendor: Choose a vendor that meets your specific needs and requirements.
  6. Implement Gradually: Roll out the CMMS in phases to ensure smooth adoption and minimal disruption.

Why do CMMS implementations fail?

CMMS software implementations can fail due to several reasons:

  1. Lack of Systems Thinking: Failing to consider the CMMS as part of a broader system.
  2. Inadequate Leadership Support: Insufficient commitment and support from leadership.
  3. Poor Change Management: Not effectively managing the transition.
  4. Insufficient Training: Users not being adequately trained on the new system.
  5. Incomplete Data Migration: Failure to properly migrate and clean existing data.

What are the benefits of CMMS software?

A CMMS system offers numerous benefits, including:

  1. Organized Maintenance Scheduling: Simplifies scheduling and managing maintenance tasks.
  2. Real-Time Asset Information: Provides up-to-date information on assets.
  3. Efficient Work Order Management: Streamlines the creation and tracking of work orders.
  4. Improved Facility Safety: Enhances safety and compliance through better tracking and reporting.
  5. Cost Tracking: Helps in monitoring and controlling maintenance costs.
  6. Higher Equipment Uptime: Reduces downtime through effective preventive maintenance.

What is the purpose of a computerized maintenance management system?

CMMS software helps maintenance teams optimize their activities by:

  1. Tracking Work Orders: Facilitates easy tracking and management of work orders.
  2. Maintaining Assets: Keeps records of all asset information and maintenance history.
  3. Scheduling Preventive Maintenance: Automates scheduling to prevent equipment failures.
  4. Improving Efficiency: Enhances overall maintenance efficiency and effectiveness.

Why should I implement a CMMS for my company?

Implementing a CMMS can significantly benefit your company by:

  1. Optimizing Equipment Use: Ensures optimal use and availability of equipment.
  2. Reducing Downtime: Minimizes equipment downtime through preventive maintenance.
  3. Lowering Maintenance Costs: Reduces costs associated with emergency repairs and inefficiencies.
  4. Enhancing Safety: Improves safety through better tracking and management of maintenance tasks.
  5. Supporting Compliance: Helps maintain compliance with safety and regulatory standards.

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