Why Preventative Maintenance Is Crucial To Your Facility

May 30, 2016
1 min

We all know that preventative maintenance is important, but one thing you may not have thought about is how important it is to your employees, as well as your facility.


Make Light During Busy Time

For example, Preventative Maintenance had not been done on the air conditioning filters before the summer rush at a major hotel.  It should have been done, but was put off while the maintenance department was busy or short-handed.  Now that the hotel is getting busy again, there are other work orders that are taking up time and the AC units are still not being looked at like they should.  Eventually, if there is a problem with one of the AC units and since the hotel is booked solid, the guests have to go to another hotel and are issued a refund.  Not only is there a loss of revenue, but it is more than likely that the hotel guests will not book again.


Help Employee Morale

How does this help the employees?  This goes back to what was discussed above where the department was too busy to do the work.  With preventative maintenance that is done on a regular basis, the work doesn't snowball into something that can be very hard to handle.


Distribute The Work Evenly

Let's say that there are five maintenance employees that work eight hours each.  They all have their specific maintenance duties plus there are work orders that have to be done as well.  By giving each employee one task a day, or even a week – the work is done slowly but surely and does not end up being pushed aside.


Schedule Over Time

How does this make it easier on them?  That little bit of work each day or week is much more casual and easy than needing 200 air conditioning filters changed out at once in preparation for a large crowd.  This is just one example but there are so many that fit the criteria for a myriad of maintenance departments.


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The point is, preventative maintenance doesn't just work to help ensure that things are done but it makes sure that your employees are not overloaded in the future with more work than they can handle by not having done the work when they had time.


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