The Hidden Benefit of Unlimited Users In Your Maintenance Software

August 16, 2022
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One of the key benefits of maintenance software is the fact it allows everyone on your team to be on the same page – assigning tasks, scheduling work orders and keeping records all in one digital location. 

So, what happens if your team isn’t aligned? Those efficiencies and streamlined processes start to fall apart. 

And in the world of computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS), one of the biggest reasons teams aren’t aligned is because the maintenance software isn’t being used as intended. 

Read on to find out more about why this happens and how having unlimited CMMS users is better for your maintenance operations and business. 

Man fixing a HVAC system, showing how preventive maintenance and asset management are some of the benefits of maintenance software

The Value of Team-Wide Access to the Maintenance Management Software

Think about why you use a CMMS in the first place. 

Your reasons likely included benefits like:

Streamlined Maintenance Tasks

It helps you simplify and organize work orders for your maintenance teams, for one. When a maintenance to-do comes up, whether that’s a light bulb change or a fire safety inspection, you can access all the necessary information in one place. 

Better Maintenance Scheduling

Work requests are submitted online and team members can be automatically notified of tasks that need attention. This creates an effective, efficient workflow where nothing falls through the cracks. The facilities team knows exactly what needs to be done and can plan their day accordingly. 

Transparency in the Maintenance Department

There’s also the added benefit of being able to see who is working on what. This means facilities management can make more informed decisions about how to allocate resources and schedule tasks ahead of time. 

Efficient Facilities Management Communication

The ability to add digital notes and attach documents makes it easier to track progress. For example, let’s say someone has been assigned a task to fix a broken piece of machinery. However, that employee needs to order the right part in order to do the repair. In the notes section, those details can be added so everyone on the team is aware of the task’s status, estimated date of completion or service history.

Reduced Equipment Failure, Unplanned Downtime and Operating Costs

Maintenance management software allows you to plan ahead with preventive maintenance tasks which can extend the asset life, reduce downtime and meet safety standards. Planned tasks make maintenance much more efficient: you can order spare parts ahead of time, schedule equipment downtime during off-peak seasons and track the recommended maintenance schedule for equipment.

Maintenance manager doing predictive maintenance with maintenance scheduling software.

All these benefits and uses of a CMMS only work if everyone on the team has access to the system, though.

If only some members of the facility maintenance team, like maintenance managers, have logins – or worse, if employees are sharing logins – what should be a streamlined communication tool becomes messy and unusable. The benefits of assigning work orders, scheduling maintenance tasks and holding the team accountable quickly fall apart. 

The Cost of Pay-Per-User For Maintenance Teams

Knowing that you will need access to the CMMS for your entire team, the next question is pricing. 

There's no question about the cost savings benefits of maintenance software. Preventive maintenance scheduling helps reduce repair costs, protects against unplanned downtime of equipment and can save time in the long run. Everything from inventory management to equipment management to maintaining a safe and compliant workplace is easier with a maintenance management solution.

Maintenance software companies know that and so most charge per user. For a team of one to three people, the sticker price may not seem shocking at first, but it limits your ability to grow. Your team can’t scale without incurring additional costs. 

The majority of CMMS platforms can charge anywhere from $30 to nearly $200 per user, per month. 

The right CMMS helps with saving money with more effecient maintenance schedules and proactive maintenance.

At Maintenance Care, all of our paid plans come with unlimited users. We don’t charge per user because we know the power of having everyone on your team synced. Our CMMS improves your team’s efficiency, saving time and money, so we’re not going to work against that. 

And that makes our pricing the most competitive in the industry – especially if you need more than one user account, which almost all teams do! 

Mitigate Security Risks for Maintenance Operations

The most common workaround for companies and maintenance professionals to avoid paying exorbitant fees to give the whole team access to the CMMS software is to share logins. 

Not only does this muddy the data of which employee is responsible for what tasks and generates inaccurate reports, but it’s a major security risk. 

In no instance, least of all in a professional setting, should people be sharing passwords. It just takes one disgruntled employee to burn the house down. 

Protect your business and your data by giving every employee a unique login to your facilities maintenance software system, and keep up with employee access as your workforce grows and changes over time.

A computerized maintenance management system helps with all maintenance activities.

Unlimited Potential with Maintenance Care CMMS Software

With Maintenance Care, your potential is unrestricted. You get unlimited users, unlimited work orders and unlimited preventative maintenance to give you endless potential as you scale. 

No sharing log-ins, no potential security breaches and no increased prices when your team grows.

Book a demo today to learn more about how Maintenance Care can be a good fit with your team. 


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