7 Essential Steps to Successful CMMS Implementation

May 11, 2022
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Once on your way to software success, there is no room for you to cut corners or opt for methods that are not suggested as the best market practices. The CMMS software implementation process is as important to the whole investment as the system itself. Any flaws in the process could come and haunt you later down the line, as the CMMS system should be proofed during the implementation stage.  

The fate of any CMMS project depends on a few crucial steps that shouldn’t be missed during the implementation or execution stage. Here we take a look at some important steps to show you the importance of excellent practice during the implementation of your CMMS system:  


Once project management teams get close to the go-live date of the CMMS software, they are itching to officially launch it and see their creation run live. This excitement can be contagious, as it sidelines some of the important steps that shouldn’t be sidelined at all. This can be a serious mistake, especially if you end up missing out on the CMMS testing stage. This is where you check for any bugs and try to protect your system to complete perfection. Once the system goes live, any and all downtime as a result of improper implementation would add unnecessary frustrations.  


Check Resource Usability  

The resource implementation stage is imperative to the success of the overall project, and you should check the following details during the process. 

  • Make sure all of the members that are working within the project team can use the test scripts and understand what they mean.  
  • Check that the new system has the capabilities to bear the load you require for optimal productivity. 
  • Mimic a mock situation similar to what the system would see once it is live.  

Change Management  

One step that almost all organizations are guilty of ignoring is change management. It has been revealed through a Panorama report that change management is perhaps the most difficult part of a CMMS project. You can’t just get rid of your responsibilities by asking or telling your workforce to use the new software and to extract the most benefits out of it. You have to give them appropriate training and need to ensure that there is full adoption across the board.  

Budget Realistically  

Realistic budgeting is key to the success of the implementation process. Make sure that your budgets are set pessimistically, without the assumption that all goes well. Optimistic budgeting can eventually lead you to problems. Make sure that you have factored in unnecessary expenses from CMMS deployment.  

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Organize and Maintain Data  

A CMMS solution is made successful through data maintenance measures. Putting all your data within a single database can prove helpful and even reduce downtime. Cleaning and organizing data pays off in the long run.  

Data Scrubbing 

Data scrubbing is the process through which all data being migrated into the CMMS system is cleaned before the actual migration takes place. Organizations that don’t clean their migrated data are running the risk of inputting numerous errors into their CMMS system.  

These errors won’t show up immediately, but there will come a time when they will rise up and cause extensive downtime and frustration. This meticulous process might require some doing but consider it as a new start that will soon bring in the laurels. 

Find a Reliable Vendor  

The success of your CMMS system is based on the vendor you choose. You should make sure that your vendor is financially secure and has no proven liability against their name. A secure vendor will give you the trust you require and will help meet all the needs that you have. Talk to some of the other corporate users from your field and find the best vendor.  

The steps mentioned in this article will help you implement your CMMS solution and ensure you are receiving optimal value. A good start will put you on the way to successful ROI.  

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