Using CMMS to Cut Maintenance Costs

September 27, 2017
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The real mark of success in running your maintenance department, is to be able to keep your day to day operations the same, all while cutting expenses. It can be done; you simply have to know what to do and what tools to use to accomplish it. 


Here are a few ways to lower costs without affecting your operations.


Preventative Maintenance

One of the most effective ways to ensure lower costs is to keep up with your preventative and predictive maintenance. This ensures that your equipment is kept in good working order and you can find any issues before they pose a problem.


Asset Management

Managing your assets is crucial as well. Knowing where the training manuals are, having good records of repairs and costs, and even warranty information on hand is integral to knowing more about your assets. In the CMMS, you can track the life expectancy which is ideal for knowing when your equipment may need replacing.


Inventory Management

Another management area that is important is your inventory. By knowing what you have on hand and where to find it, you eliminate much of the over-ordering or waste and have exactly what you need when you need it. It also allows you to know when to order so that you do not experience down time due to a lack of parts or equipment.


Managing Workflow

If you do not have proper control of your workflow, you have employees that are not being utilized properly, which is wasteful of your department’s time. Your CMMS program allows you to effectively manage your workflow so that all manpower is efficient and time is not wasted.


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Data Management

Having a grasp of your data is crucial as well. A CMMS program that is designed well allows to you do a number of things such as store pictures, scan documents, and keep time sheets related to a task, all in one place. With these capabilities, you can immediately see whether work is being done at maximum efficiency and ensure the job has been fully completed.

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