Use Preventive Maintenance Software To Ensure Your Facility Stays Safe

February 17, 2015
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When running a maintenance department, you are always aware that there can be accidents that happen to your employees. But what about your contractors that are at your facility temporarily? 


Most businesses have Worker's Compensation Insurance, which covers their employees. It is important to have a plan in place for everyone who enters your facility and Preventive Maintenance Software aid you in this enterprise.


Accidents Happen

The most common accident in the workplace is the slip/fall accident and actually accounts for the second leading cause of death or disability.  What Liability Insurance does is protect your facility from the high cost of being sued or having to make out of pocket payments to the contractor who has had an accident at your place of business.  If a facility becomes unsafe due to lack of maintenance or repair, you are liable.  Preventive Maintenance Software can help ensure that accidents are minimized. 


However, Liability Insurance isn't just for freelance workers or contractors; it also protects your customers and guests at your facility.This Liability Insurance protects you in a number of ways because most businesses may not be able to afford the monetary loss that can come from someone having an accident – especially those with smaller businesses. Not only does Liability Insurance protect your company by covering medical expenses but any damages or attorney's fees are also included.


Liability Insurance Is Needed

The best way to ensure that you have the right Liability Insurance for your company is to shop around but don't focus on the lowest rate. Instead, make sure you have the right coverage that is still affordable. Just like your homeowner or automobile insurance, you don't want to have a cheaper rate only to find out that you're not covered properly when it comes time to pay out in case of an accident with someone at your facility or business.


As with any type of prevention, it is key to have the right maintenance in place that helps prevent accidents before they occur. Make sure that the lighting is sufficient in your facility or premises, the stairs are safe to use, wet floors are always marked with signs and warnings, and floors and carpet are kept clear of debris, slip resistant, and free of snags or obstacles.


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By implementing a Preventive Maintenance Software system at your business, you can always make sure that these preventative steps are taken by your employees. You'll be able to schedule work tasks and make notes of when each task was performed, by who, and what was done so that if there is an accident, you have the backup data to ensure that your facility was safe at the time of the accident.


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