Use Preventative Maintenance Software To Keep Cooling Towers Germ Free

November 20, 2015
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If you run a maintenance department that has a cooling tower, it is integral to keep up to speed on preventative maintenance.


Specialized Maintenance

According to the New York City Council, all building owners must conduct inspections of their cooling towers every four months. This is part of a new legislation after it was determined that these cooling towers could possibly be the reason there has been an outbreak of Legionnaires Disease in that area, specifically The Bronx. In fact, a majority of the cooling towers that were tested actually had the bacteria present – an astounding nine out of 12.


“Cooling towers, evaporation condensers and fluid coolers use a fan to move air through a recirculated water system. This allows a considerable amount of water vapor and sometimes droplets to be introduced into the surroundings, despite the presence of drift eliminators designed to limit droplet release. These towers are an ideal place for legionella to flourish due to accumulated algae, mold or bacteria mixing with the tower’s warm water. This creates a perfect environment for bacterial growth. Proper maintenance is necessary both to control bacteria growth and to prevent rust and corrosion that may inhibit effective operation.”


Lower Energy Costs

This preventative maintenance works well for more than just making sure that the surroundings are healthy – it also helps cut down on energy costs.  A cooling tower that is not maintained is like an HVAC unit that is dirty – the unit itself has to work harder in order to cool and that means higher power bills and more stress on the unit.


Routine Checks 

Make sure that if you have a cooling tower on your property it is checked routinely (at least every quarter). This is easy to schedule and monitor with the help of Preventative Maintenance Software from Maintenance Care. You will be able to keep your unit bacteria free and running efficiently for years to come.


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Preventative maintenance is important for every facility, but sometimes it means the difference between happy and healthy residents.  Don't let people get sick from something that could easily be prevented. With Preventative Maintenance Software, scheduling maintenance is easier than ever.


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