Use Maintenance Management Software To Know Who is Doing What

June 27, 2016
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You may have recently heard about the horrible crash by an Amtrak train that killed two construction workers and injured passengers. Its still under investigation as to why the workers were on a particular train track that had an active train.


According to Reuters:

 “Accident investigators will interview survivors of a construction crew on Tuesday to determine why a backhoe occupied the same track as an Amtrak train that slammed into the heavy equipment, killing two people and sending 35 others to hospital.”

This post is in no way meant to minimize the tragedy or use it to an advantage, but it is important to stress that sometimes safety and knowing where your employees are and what they are doing – goes hand in hand.


Keep on Track

Running a large (and sometimes small) maintenance department means a lot of employees doing different work tasks and in different areas of the facility. With Maintenance Management Software, every task and work order is sent via the mobile app and the facility manager is aware of who is doing what and where.


Know When Job Is Complete

For instance, you have a preventative maintenance task that is set up to be done every Monday at 9:00 AM. The employee gets the task to be done and when it is finished, the maintenance manager knows about it. There is a place for the building area, time, date, employee, and any notes that are needed. Just by accessing the software, you are aware of who is doing the job and at what time it is being done.


Accurate Reporting

This is especially important when it comes to running reports or needed to locate when something was done and which employee took care of the task. It also works well for keeping up with preventative maintenance and making sure that all of the work tasks are completed on time, which keeps your facility up to code.


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While the Amtrak tragedy is still under investigation, it will be essential for investigators to find out why there was a miscommunication on the construction crew being on a live track so that this doesn't not happen again.


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