The Many Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

December 21, 2016
1 min

As a maintenance manager, you know how important it is to practice preventative maintenance but sometimes it is easy to overlook just how beneficial it is. Some managers become complacent or simply put the preventative maintenance on the back burner and focus on the problems at hand. 


The issue that can cause is it allows smaller problems to snowball into larger ones that could have been taken care of before they got out of hand.


Some of the major benefits of preventative maintenance include:

  • Fewer major repairs
  • Better conservation and control of assets
  • Less downtime on equipment as well as facility-wide issues
  • A longer life expectancy on equipment and assets
  • Less timely repairs on a large scale basis

It is imperative to implement a preventative maintenance schedule and what better way to do it than with a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software) program. Here are the features that allow you to better manage your facility when it comes to keeping up with PM issues.


Features that allow better management of Preventative Maintenance:

  • Create auto-triggered work orders for easy technician scheduling
  • Receive system-generated notifications for upcoming PM tasks
  • Include instructions or directions on work orders, so technicians can easily and efficiently complete preventive maintenance
  • Generate a list of estimated materials for each upcoming task to ensure inventory levels are never low or out
  • Pull historic repair data to better understand what assets are running slowly or average repair time
  • Create seasonal or temporary schedules based off of historic repair or downtime data
  • Proactively schedule technicians, instead of retroactively waiting for a breakdown
  • Measure, and effectively cut back on unplanned downtime and increase technician and asset efficiencies


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No matter what kind of facility you manage, all of these features allow you more control over your employees as well as your facility and will help prevent letting issues get out of control, which only causes larger issues.


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