Technology is Always Changing, CMMS Is Just Another Key to Success

September 14, 2016
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If you are a maintenance department manager for a hotel, motel, or even healthcare center then you know how important security is and with that comes the innovation of key cards. In this day and age, it is hard to find traditional keys of the past. KEY-CARD-ACCESS-CONTROL.jpg

The are four types of key cards that are available and each type has a different level of security and is used different from the others. Here is a little more about each type of key card so that you can see which is best for your needs.



Holecards were invented back in 1975 by Tor Sornes. These key cards are not used as much now due to the labor intensive way of making them work. However, this set a precedent for the next generations of key cards. How the holecard works is that there is a plastic card with 32 holes punched into it. It takes coding and much more time to make than the newer ones. The holecard corresponds to a lock that is opened once the holecard is placed into the slot.


Bar Code Cards

The next type of door card that was used is the bar code cards. These cards are imprinted with a bar code that corresponds to a door lock. This is a bar code similar to what you find on everyday products at the store, but it became less popular with the introduction of the magnetic strip key card because bar code cards could more easily be forged or tampered with.


Magnetic Strip Key Cards

Magnetic strip key cards are used quite often due to their versatility and ease of use. Similar to a credit card, the magnetic strip key card has a thin, metallic strip on the back of it – just like a credit card. It is swiped through a scanner and then opens up the correct door. This works due to the electronic signature on the card itself. It provides more security than bar code cards simply because it is not as easy to make a fake card.


RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Cards

RFID key card systems are a more recent form of technology than holecards, bar code cards, or magnetic strip cards. RFID cards have a radio sensor chip embedded inside the card. When brought into close proximity of a correspondingly programmed reader, the door unlocks. The technology used by this type of card includes microchips and radio technology, so it is considered the most difficult to forge and provides the highest level of security.


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Technology is changing and improving at a rapid speed, if you don't embrace it, you will be left far behind. CMMS can help you utilitize this technology to make your job run smoother and more securely.  Who doesn't want that?

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