Sustainability Practices using Preventive Maintenance Software

November 6, 2014
1 min

There are many ways to save on the costs of running your maintenance facility but one way that not only helps your costs but also the environment is by implementing sustainability practices. There are a many ways to include these practices in your own facility but here are a couple that can help significantly.



Energy Monitoring Systems

One way that will show you exactly how much energy you are using at your facility is with Energy Monitoring Systems. These not only allow you to trace the energy usage but they allow you to see exactly where the energy is being used so that you can fix areas that are energy wasters. Many allow real-time feedback which lets you see where spikes in energy take place. Most of these have an interface that is accessible by a computer so that you can view it any time that is convenient and the results show that there is a significant savings – sometimes up to an average of 15%.


Irrigation Systems with Smart Controllers

Another way to save energy and cut costs is with retrofitted irrigation systems that have Smart Controllers. These allow you to save water and energy with such features as sprinkler schedules that adjust to changes in the weather such as rainfall rates, wind rates, and temperature. How many times have you driven past a business with the sprinklers on while it's raining outside? These irrigation system Smart Controllers make sure that is a thing of the past. These are endorsed by the EPA and can save a quarter of your water bill at your facility each month.


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If you do choose to get new equipment while implementing sustainability practices at your maintenance facility, a good idea is to invest in Preventive Maintenance Software. This allows you to keep up with the scheduled maintenance of equipment or parts you purchase which means that you have an easily accessible record of everything in the asset category. You can even upload the paperwork so that training is a breeze when it comes to installation and upkeep.


No matter which sustainability practices you decide to use, you will save more money in the long run after your initial investment, plus it makes it easier when it comes to maintenance tasks.


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