Surprise Inspection? No Problem With Preventative Maintenance Software

April 24, 2015
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Everyone knows that a surprise visit from an inspector can be nerve wracking. No matter how much work is done and even if things are all caught up, it can still seem as if something will be found. 


Be Prepared for Surprises 

If you are in the hospitality industry and your staff takes care of a pool area, you usually have a specific time that the pool inspector comes to visit. However, it's common knowledge that the inspector makes surprise visits and especially when it's the busy season – just to make sure your pool is up to code and being handled safely for the guests.  This is easier to handle if you have a good grasp on getting your preventative maintenance and daily maintenance done on time and as needed and what better way to do this then with having a way of scheduling everything easier?


Make Stress Less 

With Preventative Maintenance Software, you can ensure that every bit of preventative maintenance is scheduled and that work tasks are kept up with without having to scramble at the last minute. How it works is that you can input everything you need and in advance. For instance, you want to make sure that the pool chemicals are checked weekly during the slow season and daily during the summer; you simply schedule these tasks ahead of time so that your employees know exactly when it has to be done. Then, you can sit back and relax – or at least relax when it come to having preventative maintenance and regular work tasks scheduled.


Be Proactive 

This also works great for those maintenance duties that get put on the back burner and forgotten. Let's say that you have a facility where there is paint in storage. With many painters, the storage area can get messy and need cleaning but no one wants to do it and it gets left not done at all. You can add this task in as a preventative maintenance task or even a work order and it gets automatically sent to the employee when it is time to have it done.


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No one likes surprises when it comes to inspections but unfortunately, that is what happens all too often. With the CMMS maintenance software from Maintenance Care, you can be prepared and not have to worry.


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