Summer Preventative Maintenance Tips for Maintenance Departments

June 20, 2016
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Spring is well into its season and before you know it, summer will be here. There are plenty of things that maintenance departments have to do to ensure that they are ready for each season and here are a few for summer.


Remember, a building that is well-cared for not only impresses customers and boosts employee morale, it also makes it easier when it comes to continuing care.


Perform a Thorough Walkthrough

It is easier to find small problems when you do a walkthrough. This prevents those problems from becoming larger issues that take up more time to fix later down the road. Check out the things that are normally overlooked like grout, light switches, door sweeps, areas that need touch-up paint, and anything that you may see every day without really looking at it.


Check out the HVAC Unit(s)

One of the most important components of summer comfort is the air conditioning unit and while you may expect it to work as long as it seems to be chugging along just fine, look for coil cleaning issues and filters that haven't been changed. In fact, if these are on your preventative maintenance list then this shouldn't be a problem. However, if you haven't added it to a proactive plan yet, this is a good time to ensure that everything is running in tip-top shape.



Make Sure the Grounds are Looking Good

Depending on the weather you've had during the spring, the grounds may be in great shape or need some work. If you do not have a designated landscaping company and grounds fall under your facility's jurisdiction, so to speak, you need to look at problem areas and have them corrected before the summer gets busy, especially if you run a maintenance department at a resort, hotel, motel, or even apartment complex or college.



Freshen Up the Entire Area

Even just freshening up the facility and surrounding area is important to keeping morale boosted and making less work for everyone once things get busy. Have the areas cleaned up, touched up with paint, weeds pulled, filters changed, and anything that makes the facility look good. It will make a huge difference – even the little changes.


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All of these things are much easier with a good preventative maintenance plan and you can implement it easier with Maintenance Care's CMMS program.

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