Six Key Performance Indicators for Maintenance

August 1, 2018
2 min

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are insights that you need to use in order to keep your goals of minimal downtime, minimal energy use, and efficiency in your maintenance program. You can use them to ensure your physical capital is lasting as long as possible and that your maintenance ROI is maximized.

Six Maintenance KPIs You Need to be Tracking

Here are six of the most critical KPIs that your organization can use to get a clear picture of how to keep your enterprise running as smoothly as possible:

Reliability of Equipment

The best way to gauge the reliability of your equipment or assets is through the Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF). The MTBF refers to the predicted elapsed time in between unexpected breakdowns or production stoppages.

This is calculated using the arithmetic mean. We know- that sounds complicated but it's actually just the average time between failures. All you have to know is the dates of your previous equipment failures and then you'll easily be able to calculate the average number of days, months, or years between them.

The goal for any organization practicing maintenance management is to have the mean increase over time. The best way to do this is through preventative maintenance software, like you get with our CMMS.

Root Causes

Continuing to fix equipment that breaks down without understanding the root cause of the breakdown is like putting a bucket under a leaking roof without looking for how the water is getting in. Collecting information on why failures are occurring is an important KPI that can help your business adopt better life cycle practices.

Could your operators benefit from increased equipment training? Is the machinery breaking down because it is simply too old? Is your maintenance team ensuring that high quality parts are being used to keep company assets in excellent working condition? These are all questions you need to ask when examining root cause of failures.

With a CMMS program, you'll be able to keep records of all previous repairs and work done on equipment which will be very helpful when looking into root cause.

Timeliness of Work Orders

An important KPI in maintenance is the timeliness of work orders. Just like with practically any other type of work, getting maintenance tasks done on time will help your organization increase efficiency.

With maintenance management software, you and your maintenance team can keep track of all work orders easily. You'll be able to track the amount of time each is taking, and the team will be able to use the mobile app to organize tasks in a way that makes work order management more efficient.

Cost of Maintenance Per Asset

You need to be aware of how much is being spent on maintenance for each asset. Are the costs higher than your budget? If so, it might be time to consider replacing the equipment. Asset cost tracking is one of the more important KPIs for those interested in improving their ROI (who isn't?).

Using the Maintenance Care CMMS cost tracking feature, you can keep track of maintenance costs per asset numbers to find out where all the resources are being used to maintain your equipment – and to determine if this is money well spent or not.

End-User Complaints

Tracking the number of end-user complaints is an essential KPI for maintenance. In order to understand the true quality of your products, collecting and analyzing user feedback is essential. Effective CMMS software will be easily customized, allowing your company to track the important end-user feedback that will help you to be proactive about making changes when needed.

Effectiveness of Maintenance

How much time is spent on reactive maintenance instead of preventative maintenance? To maintain an efficient maintenance program, you need to be aware of the effectiveness of your maintenance and find out where your expenses are going.

If you could be saving significant money and resources through proper preventative maintenance, wouldn't you want to do it? When you use a CMMS with preventative maintenance capabilities, you'll be able to do just that.

The Maintenance Care CMMS will help you keep track of your most important KPIs. If you're interested in learning more, get a demo of how the software works. If you're ready to start using CMMS, check out our versions here.

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