Simple Preventive Maintenance Software for Building Managers

July 21, 2014

If you're the  facility maintenance manager at a hotel, motel, inn, condominium, or any other place where guests stay then you know how important preventative maintenance is to ensure that everything runs smoothly.



Utilizing a simple preventive maintenance software, here are a few areas that you should always focus on in order to deter bigger problems that can arise from not being proactive.

Parking Lots

The parking lot may seem like an area that doesn't need much care and this may be true on a regular basis but in order to ensure the safety of everyone, there are areas that need to be looked after to keep it safe. Always take care of debris in the parking lot such as trash, glass, or anything that can cause trouble with your guests or employees. Make sure potholes are taken care of and that the lighting is working properly.

Common Areas

Areas where guests congregate such as elevators, vending areas, the pool, and public bathrooms should be checked on a regular basis. Make sure the railings are sturdy, the floor is clear of debris, and that any non-working machinery is reported and repaired as soon as possible.

Pool Areas

Although the pool area was mentioned in the common areas, it needs to be addressed further. Make sure that safety equipment is up to date, machinery is working properly, the area is kept clean and free from trash and debris, and that your signage is easily visible. Even though the pool is typically taken care of daily, these are areas that still need special care regardless of the fact that the pool itself may be in perfect condition.


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For everyone's safety, be sure that the inside and outside lighting is working properly. No one feels safe in a dark parking lot and elevator areas with dim or non-working lighting is neither safe nor pleasing to the guests. If a guest doesn't feel safe they won't return to the property and with proper lighting, someone up to no good will be less likely to feel that they can get away with a crime.

These are just a few of the proactive maintenance duties that will help your operation run more smoothly so that your employees are better prepared when they are needed. With Maintenance Facility Software you can schedule all of your preventative maintenance in advance so it is easily remembered and kept up with on a regular basis.