Due Dates, Multi-Location Management & More: Check Out Our Latest Updates

March 27, 2024
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Last month, we teased the impending arrival of Volt, a game-changing upgrade to Maintenance Care, marking our most significant update in three years. With enhancements ranging from dynamic views to refined task management, this upcoming release aims to further simplify facility management for our users, making it more intuitive and efficient than ever before.

One of the most anticipated features requested by our users is the introduction of due dates. With this addition, you can now effortlessly stay on top of crucial deadlines, ensuring that your team completes essential tasks promptly and efficiently.

Let's delve into the capabilities that Volt's due-date feature brings to the table:

"Days to Close" Option: Tailor your preventive maintenance (PM) tasks by adding a "days to close" parameter, allowing you to prioritize and manage tasks based on urgency.

Auto-Closure: Streamline your workflow by setting tasks to auto-close within a specified timeframe, eliminating manual intervention and optimizing efficiency.

preventive maintenance Volt due date feature

Aging Project Identification: Easily identify aging projects in your task list as they will be prominently highlighted in red, enabling swift action and preventing delays.

Past Due Items View: Gain instant visibility into overdue tasks with the dedicated "past due" items view, facilitating proactive management and timely resolution.

aging projects highlighted in new Volt upgrade

Due Date Filtering: Seamlessly organize and prioritize projects by filtering them based on due dates, ensuring that no critical deadlines are missed. When checked, you will see all tasks that have an assigned due date. When "Du"e is checked, you can short by project age and view the oldest first.

due dates in Volt upgrade

Volt will be available to all Maintenance Care paid customers at no extra cost! We're thrilled to offer these cutting-edge features as part of our ongoing service.

Introducing the CareOne Companion App

CareOne mobile view

As part of our continuous efforts to meet the specific needs of users in diverse industries, we're excited to introduce CareOne – a companion app tailored for property management companies and organizations managing multiple locations and tenants.

CareOne simplifies work order submissions by limiting them to specific rooms or areas, allowing individual users to submit requests for only a particular space from an app. The user will not see any other room or area in the list, narrowing down views to keep your team laser focused. All submitted work requests will include status as well so you can stay on top of every task.

CareOne logo

CareOne is particularly useful for property management companies with multiple locations and tenants, as well as condo associations and vacation resorts.

With CareOne and the groundbreaking features of Volt, we're empowering facility managers and property management professionals to elevate their operations, streamline workflows, and unlock unprecedented levels of efficiency. Stay tuned for more updates as we inch closer to the launch!

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