Multi-Assign Is Finally Coming to Maintenance Care!

April 30, 2024
1 min

Assign Bigger Jobs to Multiple Users with Maintenance Care's Update

You’ve been asking for it, and we’ve been listening… Maintenance Care will soon offer you the ability to assign tasks to multiple users! We know not every project is a one-human job, and we’ve made it easier for your whole team to collaborate and get tasks done faster and more efficiently.

This new feature comes with our forthcoming update, Volt. Rest assured, Volt is an upgrade of the existing Maintenance Care platform with new features — not a whole new software to learn. Maintenance Care users can enjoy all the benefits of this upgrade at no extra cost.

Here’s what you can expect from the new Multi-Assign feature:

  • Assign new work orders and PMs (scheduled tasks) to up to eight users
  • Add duration for each user within a task (total task duration will auto-calculate for multiple users)
  • The Task List column shows a list of assigned users
  • Task Types and Building Areas auto-assigned fields will also allow for auto multi-assign

Multi-Assign feature in Maintenance Care's Volt update

Multi-Assign is just one of several updates you'll experience in your CMMS, in addition to...

  • Due Dates: Stay on top of crucial deadlines, ensuring that your team completes essential tasks promptly and efficiently. 

  • Auto-Closure: Set tasks to auto-close within a specified timeframe, eliminating manual intervention. Get a preview.

  • KanBan ViewSort tasks using dynamic columns for a more customized, visual user experience. Get a preview.

  • And more... coming soon!

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