Procrastination and Preventative Maintenance

February 19, 2016
1 min

There are plenty of us out there who love to procrastinate – you know who you are. It's so much easier to sit back and become nonchalant about the things that have to be done and when it comes to your maintenance department, preventative maintenance is one thing that you cannot become complacent about.


Make PM's A Priority

We all know how the emergencies and regular work tasks seem to take top priority in the workplace and this is normal. However, preventative maintenance is what keeps everything else running and if you get behind on it, those preventative maintenance issues become new work orders and emergencies.


The List

One thing that worked tremendously for the company Alcoa, was the fact that the CEO was a list maker. Not everyone is a natural at doing so, but with a CMMS (computerized maintenance management software) program from Maintenance Care, your “list” is easier than ever.


Schedule It

For one thing, you can set up your list online so that the preventative maintenance task always gets scheduled. This is even better than making a list, because your list is now automated so you don't have to set up the task more then once. You can schedule tasks for weekly, monthly, yearly – the sky's the limit.


No More Guessing Games

Instead of procrastinating about preventative maintenance tasks, you set them up and you're done. This also helps out when it comes to your employees. Instead of wondering who will get what task or when it has to be done, they will get the work order and it will simply be a part of their regular regimen whenever it is time to perform the work.


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Try making your list out and with combining it with Maintenance Care's software, you can relax more often or focus on other tasks that need your attention. Best of all, you won't get behind on the proactive work that has to be done eventually and sooner is always better than later when it comes to repairs, maintenance, and job safety.


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