Proactive or Preventative Maintenance Identify Which is Best for You

January 20, 2017
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One of the core requirements of a facility manager is identifying the maintenance needs for the company and this includes knowing when to perform preventative maintenance and when it is best to go with proactive maintenance.

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One of the ways to make it easier is to look at three items of criteria for the maintenance facility: 

  1. Past Needs
  2. Present Backlog
  3. Future Expectations  

Now when it comes to assessing your facility, there are a couple of key components to help determine the best course of action and these include:


Knowledge and Experience

As a facility manager, you hold the key to important information such as when certain items have been installed, when things were updated, expected life of the equipment, and the frequency of maintenance repairs and failures that cause repairs. It is your knowledge and experience that determines what needs fixing or what is best to rely on proactive maintenance.


Facilities Condition Audit

Yet another way of making the right determination is by conducting a facilities condition audit. This includes making an audit of select buildings or equipment. There must be a baseline that is determined and then you can move forward with the audit and make a determination on the next goal or plan for your facility. 


One helpful piece of information is using the FCI, which is the Facility Condition Index and here is how it is explained:

The Facility Condition Index (FCI) is an equation that takes the value of deferred maintenance needs and divides it by the current replacement value of the building itself. So a 0.1 FCI means that 10% of the replacement value of the building is tied up in deferred maintenance. Once a facility manager determines the FCI through an audit, it may be used to compare one facility to another, or it can be used to set goals for FCI reduction to chip away at the backlog of deferred maintenance over a specified time frame.


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It is up to you as a manager to ensure that you are on top of things and know when to hold em or when to fold em or in the maintenance world – when to stay on top of preventative maintenance or when to use proactive maintenance. 


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