Preventive Maintenance Software To Schedule Around Holidays

September 4, 2014
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If you are the maintenance supervisor in a hotel, motel, resort, or any other hospitality related business then you know how busy it gets at certain times of the year. With various holidays coming up, it is important to have a plan in place so your staff isn't overwhelmed.



Holidays All Year Long

Summer months are typically extremely busy for maintenance in hospitality related businesses but that is usually when there is a full staff available. During the fall and winter months, some places may slow down enough that their staff is at a minimum, only for it to get busy again during certain holidays. Whether it's Thanksgiving in the United States, Boxing Day in Canada, or the week of Christmas, travelers are at a maximum and this can put a strain on a maintenance facility that is running a skeleton crew. However, there is a helpful solution.


Scheduling Tasks

By utilizing an effective preventive maintenance software, you have the ability to schedule work orders with ease. Work orders are handled through the software so there's no lost paperwork or miscommunication and with everything accessed by the handy app, workers don't even have to come to the shop just to get a new work order. This saves time for your employees as well as time for the company.



Another helpful feature is the preventative maintenance dashboard. During these busy times, preventative maintenance can be pushed to the back burner. This only creates a busier workload when things calm down and are less busy, which creates more work to do, and ends up being part of a cycle that is hard to overcome. By using this feature, preventative maintenance can be scheduled far in advance so that it is simply another task that has to be done along with work orders. If needed, these maintenance duties can be rescheduled but if time permits, they are handled just as they would be even when things aren't so hectic.


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Preventive Maintenance Software has a lot of benefits for maintenance supervisors and has many more features than just these two. However, those in the hospitality industry will find these sections of the software extremely important so that everything runs much more smoothly and efficiently when it comes to maintenance that has to be handled – during the busy season or the slow season alike.


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