Preventive Maintenance Software Giving You An Easier Workload

May 29, 2014
1 min

If there's one thing that can make your job at a maintenance facility easier it's an easier workload. Your workload and how it runs can be one of the biggest factors in how smoothly the day, week, or month goes. With facility maintenance software, not only can you run your facility easily and efficiently, it does so much more to help you.



Using a good Preventive Maintenance Software, you simply add the preventative maintenance items that need to be done and you can even isolate specific tasks. Once you have the items in there, it's all set up for you so that you don't have to worry about scheduling or remember the things that have to be done.

Pre Set Work Orders

You can set up your work orders as well. With the customized form, you can add the location, what needs to be done, who is scheduled to do it, and more. Each form has a place for notes and extras that you may need and there's no more lost paperwork or worry about communicating over a radio or phone full of static and background noise. The employee gets the work order on their mobile app so they don't even have to visit the maintenance shop in order to know what needs to be done.

Asset Planning

There is also a place for assets. Not only does this allow you to budget easier but you can even upload your warranty information or user guides and find everything in one handy place. This allows you to maintain all of your asset records and even add make, model, serial number, and any other information you need. By using this part of the software you can easily predict life expectancy and asset performance. In fact, this area allows you to create notes on repairs and performance issues, which is perfect in letting you be aware of any problem pieces of machinery.

Access To Information

The perfectly designed dashboards let you view all of your systems and run an endless amount of reports on anything you need dealing with your maintenance facility. Simply put, maintenance facility software allows you to do your job just as you normally would except now you can do it better. It's faster, more efficient, and keeps you aware of everything going on within your maintenance facility. And when it comes to needed reports, we've got you covered in that aspect as well. Maintenance facility software from Maintenance Care will change the way you're able to do you job – for the better.



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