Preventative Maintenance Painting, Are You Choosing The Right Colors?

August 19, 2016
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As the maintenance manager, you may not get to choose which colors are best for the building you are painting. However, if you are the owner of a healthcare facility, the choice of hues is integral in a lot of ways – including how well the patient feels.


According to Jackie Jordan who is the director of color marketing for Sherwin Williams:

“One of the most common mistakes is using the wrong colors, such as bright colors in areas where you shouldn’t use bright colors; for instance, in patient rooms, an accent wall somebody is going to be facing that’s too bold or too bright.

You need to be cautious—not only about color in general, but about the kinds of colors you’re using and where you’re placing them, so they’re not distracting to people and they don’t make you agitated when you shouldn’t be.

It’s often the wrong colors in the wrong spaces, and the wrong saturation of color—colors that are too bright when they should be a little bit more muted or colors that should be brighter in spaces for children’s hospitals, for example, and other areas where you want lots of activity.”


Set The Proper Mood

The point is to make your color palate work within the area that you are painting. Too drab of a color and the feeling is of sorrow or depression. Too bright of colors are often not appropriate either, so there has to be a fine balance in between.


Freshen Up

Walls should look crisp and clean, so keeping up with preventative maintenance painting is a given. You may not get to choose the colors, but keeping them freshly painted will help keep them looking nice. 


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As the owner of your own establishment, it is even more imperative to know what colors work well in what type of buildings and situations based on your clientelle.


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