Preventative Maintenance: Top Tips for HVAC Comfort

August 22, 2016
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If your facility has problems with being too hot or too cold, it doesn't necessarily mean that a call to the HVAC is necessary. There are a few things you can do to ensure that thermal comfort is an option for everyone and they're easy and affordable.



Building Systems

There are a few important factors to look at when it comes to everyone remaining comfortable, including moisture level, air speed, and air temperature of your HVAC unit.


Check For Drafts

Drafts can be an issue that is often caused by pressurization, too much air out of the ceiling grille, or even a leaky window. On the other hand, humidity will occur from too much moisture and will create a room that is either clammy and cold or hot and stuffy.


Add Diffusers

Speaking of the ceiling, since warm air rises – a ceiling that is extremely high will prevent heat from reaching the people below and can cause a cold atmosphere. If there are not enough diffusers, this is also an issue. This happens at times when a remodel or major fit-out has taken place because the original HVAC equipment will not support the new heat load or layout.


Check the Duct Work

And yet another factor is subpar duct work. Using rigid duct work ensures that pressure is not lost. Six or eight feet past the VAV box (if this is the system you use) is best. Any run that is longer may be unacceptable.


Short and Sweet Useful Tips

One of the most important things to keep in mind is preventative maintenance. Regularly check your HVAC unit to keep it running optimally. Check for leaks, evaluate fan speed, and expand control points.

A programmable thermostat is an excellent idea because no one has to remember to set it and it can be programmed to a certain temperature and you won't have to worry about others changing it to their own needs.

Retrofit your windows to help with comfort. Upgrade single pane windows to double pane for added thermal resistance. Otherwise, a solar film can help reflect glare. Be mindful, however, of how much reflection you choose if some of that natural heat is needed in the winter.


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Keeping up with Preventative Maintenance is just smart business.  It lowers your chance of being caught off guard and off budget.

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