Preventative Maintenance Software To Keep Pool Areas Safe and Fun

February 19, 2015
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Pool maintenance encompasses a lot of a maintenance department's workload if a swimming pool is accessible at the property and while the basics are a must, ensure the guests' safety with Preventative Maintenance Software.


Recently, a child in Oakland Park slipped into a pool area at an apartment complex and almost drowned. If not for the quick response of a maintenance worker on his first day of work, the story's ending may have been much more bleak. While the apartment complex is not sure of how the child entered the latched gate at the pool area, these are the types of things that a facility with a pool on the property must keep in mind during their preventative maintenance.



When taking care of the pool area, the proper way to enclose the area much be a priority. Gates must be a certain height (over 48 inches in some states, refer to your own area for specific rules) and spring loaded hinges much be on the gates with magnetic and lockable latches.


Your signage is important so that everyone knows the safety rules of the pool area. While not everyone will read the signs posted, many people will and that is what they are there for. Make sure all guests can visibly see the signs that are posted and keep them clean and free of dirty and debris that may make them illegible.


Safety equipment is a must such as life rings, a Shepherd's hook, steps that have different colored tiles so that they do not blend in, a stripe where the deepest slope of the pool begins, and a pool rope with floats one foot before the deep slope line in the bottom of the pool that works to tell swimmers that they are headed into the deeper end of the pool. This rope has to be securely attached and capable of withstanding a certain weight.


Make sure beach chairs are not too close to the pool to avoid trip hazards and that the deck is clean of oils and greases such as those in suntan lotions; a slippery deck leads to accidents.


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Obviously, specific rules apply to different areas, territories, and states and you will have to know the rules for your own facility. However, having the basics in place means better safety for your property's pool, especially when utilizing the power or an effective Preventive Maintenance Software.



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