Preventative Maintenance Software: Steam Clean Your Way to Green

July 27, 2015
1 min

Whether you've made the change to an almost entirely green way of doing things at your facility or you want to find an easier way to clean without using chemicals, a steam cleaner is a great choice for cleaning up without having to use anything other than water.



Steam cleaners work by loosening dirt and debris with extremely hot water. There's more to it than that – steam also kills pathogens like mites, staph, allergens, mold, and more. Since the water in a quality steam cleaner gets up to at least 212 degrees Fahrenheit or 100 Celsius, they can also be used to kill bed bugs, flea eggs, and more.



It's easy to use a steam cleaner and you don't even usually have to mop up the water because the steam simply dries very fast unless you are using it on something heavily clothed such as a mattress. You just wipe down the dirty area while it's still wet and you're done.



Steam works on a variety of items found anywhere. For instance, it works well on any kind of impervious surface like floors, fixtures in the bathroom, counter tops, and of course, certain equipment can be cleaned with steam.



Steam cleaners range quite a bit in price. A small one is usually under $100 and for a larger, commercial steam cleaner with all of the features, you're probably looking at closer to $1000. Steam cleaners work great and hardened dirt and they're excellent for killing bacteria but you should probably start out with a smaller one just to see if that is something that you and your crew will use on a regular basis.


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You may not find a daily use for your steam cleaner but it is certainly a green way to clean up and sanitize without using harsh chemicals. They're perfect for preventative maintenance software and for larger jobs that need attending to and you'll be investing in a greener way of cleaning at your facility. 


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