Preventative Maintenance Software Raises Ventilation System Standards

January 30, 2017
1 min

 Your building most likely uses an HVAC system to control the temperature for employees and guests and it is important to properly maintain it for a number of reasons.



 Ventilation and exhaust systems are two key areas that need regular preventative maintenance. The ventilation part provides fresh air and your climate control while exhaust systems are what are found in bathrooms and kitchens. Here are a few problems with a poorly maintained ventilation or exhaust system:


More Energy is Used

A poorly maintained HVAC system means that it has to run harder to get the same results, if you are lucky. With this happening, more energy is needed and the bill is higher than it should be.


Air Quality is Poor

With an HVAC system or exhausts that are not maintained well, there is an effect on the air quality. Over time there are things that get trapped in the system that are harmful or at the very least, irritating. These things include dirt, pet dander, hair, debris, and moisture.


Mold Growth

Once moisture collects on your system, every time the HVAC system is used, there are spores that can travel throughout your entire building and this is not good for the people breathing that air.


Allergens are Increased

The people in your building are breathing in the allergens that are produced when an HVAC system is in poor condition. Make sure that your filters are replaced when they need replacing and that the HVAC system is checked by a professional who can see if it is necessary to have the ducts cleaned and that your system is checked for humidity control and air quality.


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Using CMMS ensures that you can schedule when air filters need to be changed as well as proactive maintenance on your exhausts and HVAC system. Don't wait until the air quality is poor or you have to replace the entire unit when you can take care of things before they become a bigger issue for your department.


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