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August 28, 2015
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In Beloit Michigan, the school district is having a vote on approving a master facilities plan that would keep up with the long term maintenance needs of the schools.


“I think that the idea of having a master facilities plan is important and probably overdue. I feel that the way that you avoid large expenditures is by doing all the little things you should be doing annually,” Acomb said.


“If you have great property — and we do — you have an obligation to take care of it,” Acomb said. “It’s stewardship of the taxpayers’ properties.”


Proper Planning

The problem is that without a plan to keep up with preventative maintenance on any building, whether it's a school, apartment complex, hospital, or even your own home, eventually things start to break down, deteriorate, fall apart, and make the building uninhabitable.


Issues Can Escalate

Schools especially have to stay maintained in order to keep the faculty and students safe from harm. Leaking roofs, bad plumbing, and peeling paint are just a few of the issues that can cause an accident and at the very least, without fixing these issues they escalate into larger issues that cost more money and manpower.


Good Approach

It is surprising that this was not in place sooner but this is common with many buildings whether they are public or privately owned. Many owners have a lackadaisically attitude that leads to being passive on repairs and even more passive on preventative maintenance that is needed.


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As a maintenance manager, you know that these preventative measures are important and one way to make it easier is with a Preventative Maintenance Software program from Maintenance Care. This software allows you to plan ahead and keep up with these important maintenance tasks that ensures your building is running smoothly and efficiently without major repairs caused by a lack of preventative maintenance.



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