Preventative Maintenance Software is Critical Even With Limited Staff

July 24, 2015
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In Wichita County Texas, a maintenance training crew was brought in recently to help train the current staff so that they can catch up on the maintenance backlog at the jail. 


There are five maintenance men who take care of a total of 16 buildings and while that seems like a lot of work, their focus is on two major components of the maintenance – humidity issues and cleaning issues. However, their biggest obstacle seems to be water leaks, adding in a third problem.


Be Proactive

What does this have to do with your facility? It shows that no matter how many employees you currently have, you need to keep up with preventative maintenance – so that the larger jobs won't creep up on your current workload and overwhelm the staff.


Pass Inspections 

In this situation, the jailed failed quite a few of its inspections. This can be due to obviously having a lot of work and not a lot of help but preventative maintenance is also an aspect of the larger picture. By just focusing on even one preventative maintenance task per day, some of these issues may have been preventable.


Prevent Expensive Repairs

As you well know, not every facility has the funding to have a huge number of employees but even with the bare bones of staff, being proactive makes all of the difference in the world. For instance, working on a cleaning issue each day would have not taken up the entire workday yet might have meant the difference in failing that part of the inspection and passing it. The same goes with the issues with humidity and with water leaks. Even checking on water pipes and areas prone to leaks may have caught some of the issues in advance.


Schedule in Advance

It's not even necessarily likely that it is the fault of the employees since they do what they are told. That is where the facility manager comes in and should be able to set up preventative maintenance tasks along with the normal work orders. It's not enough to simply wait for something to break – you have to be proactive.


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Preventative maintenance software is easy to set up with Maintenance Care.  It can help ensure that fewer inspections are failed and that your facility's maintenance is kept up to date more easily and more efficiently.


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