Preventative Maintenance Makes Successful Managers

July 14, 2017
2 min

Ask just about anyone and it seems that they will have negative things to say about their boss or supervisor. According to research and polls, over 2/3 of employees claim that their boss is the worst part of the job.



How do you fix it as a boss so that you are not the worst part of the job? Here are a few tips.


Inspire Interest

A boring boss is one who doesn’t inspire anyone to want to do their job. Being unenthusiastic and passive only leads to employees who feel the same. 


Maintain Your Image

An image that is based on getting all of the credit without giving credit to your team is one that leads to resentment. Make sure that you value your employees as much as you do getting accolades for a job well done. Without your team, you’re working with a deficit.


Have Structure

Make sure that your staff has the vision they need to perform their best. This does not mean that you should micromanage but instead, give clear and concise goals and directions. Set clear expectations and give clear instructions so that employees are not working from a place of ambiguity.


Be Open to Change

Employees want to know that their suggestions are taken into consideration and if someone gives you an idea that will work, don’t be afraid to give it a try. Nothing is worse than someone set in their ways and resists change.


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Don’t Play Favorites

Favouritism comes natural to people, that's a given. However, playing favorites in the workplace only makes your employees resent you and often, resent the person who is the teacher’s pet. Treat everyone equally as much as possible and keep your feelings of favoritism to yourself.


Be Better Than Average

A supervisor who is under the impression that just good enough is okay, does not inspire employees to be better. The enemy of great is good. If everyone thinks that their complacency is good enough, the workplace will never rise above mediocre and it starts with you.


Keep Your Word

It is easy to go back on your word but if you want respect and admiration out of your employees you will need to keep it. Don’t make promises just to appease someone if you have no intention on keeping it.


BE the Boss

Being the boss is hard work, and being a great boss is even harder. How do you keep track of all the tasks, credit, and data you need to make the decisions outlined above? A robust maintenance software with a simple Preventative Maintenance function is a great start. With CMMS you can track what is being done and by whom allowing you to give credit where credit is due. You can also track trends in your facility that help you be more flexible and open to change based on compiled data and detailed reporting. Preventative maintenace with CMMS is a must for every "world's best boss".



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