Preventative Maintenance is Key in Keeping Gyms Running

March 1, 2017
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 If you are the maintenance department manager for a hotel, condominium, or apartment complex with a gym that is on the premises, it is important to keep the gym in tip top shape. This means more than just the equipment too – the guests have to feel safe and secure as well.

A dirty gym is no place for people to enjoy the facilities and if this falls under the umbrella of your maintenance department, here are a few tips.


Keeping it Clean

Use your preventative maintenance scheduler to set up when things need to be taken care of on your equipment. Things like daily antibacterial wipe-downs, water fountain are sanitized, and that the restrooms are checked and cleaned on a regular basis. In some gyms, these tasks may be in the responsibility of housekeeping, but even so, a dual scheduled can be maintained for both departments so the other can see what the other has done. 


Clear Signage

Also, make sure there is proper signage on how to stay clean in the showers, etc and that pools, hot tubs, and saunas have signs stating how to use them and how to stay safe. Ensure that there are antibacterial station set up for customers to keep themselves sanitized as well.


Maintaining the Gym

Whether it is maintaining the equipment or making sure the common areas are maintained, here is yet another area for preventative maintenance. Make sure that the equipment is safe by periodically checking equipment, making sure any that appears to be loose is tightened and everything is properly lubricated. As with any area of the property, you will want to make sure the bathroom fixtures and shower facilities are properly maintained and that there are no leaks or areas that need attention.



Security is another area that you might cover in your maintenance department and the gym is especially an area that needs attention. Make sure that the lighting is working properly and that there are no dark areas leading out of the gym. If there are cameras involved, ensure that they are always working as they should and that all locks on doors work and if not, the issue is addressed and documented.


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No matter what your role is in maintaining the gym, you can use the preventative maintenance scheduler and make things easier by it being automatically sent out as a task when the time comes for it to be done.

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