Preventative Maintenance is Crucial in All Aspects of Health Care

April 5, 2017
1 min

Earlier last year, an elderly woman fell to her death when possibly trying to escape out of a second floor window. Since homicide and lack of patient care has been ruled out, there seems that there may possibly be the issue of the safety of the window itself.


Safety Must Always Be a Consideration

While there are no determinations as to what happened exactly, but you can ensure that consistent crucial scheduled maintenance in all aspects of maintaining any type of facility is documented and completed. When it comes to preventative maintenance, in many cases, lives can depend on it, especially in sectors like health care.  You have may some patients or residents that are elderly and may have other cognitive issues that prevent them from making rational decisions.  Having windows that are properly secured and safe, will help prevent such tragic events.


Preventative Maintenance is Key 

Preventative maintenance ensures that you catch the little things that can turn into bigger issues. It is also easier if you have a way to make sure that it is done on a regular basis and Maintenance Care makes that easier with the CMMS program. You simply set up when you want the tasks to be done and they're automatically sent out when you designated them.


Stay Current With Required Repairs

The point is, maintenance is important but preventative maintenance makes sure that everything stays up to date and in good working condition. When it comes to keeping people safe, that is one of most important aspects of any job and as noted, especially in the health care sector. 


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Make it easier on yourself and your employes with CMMS and know that you can sit back and relax while everything is kept up with and done on time.


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