Preventative Maintenance Helps Locate Air Leaks

July 7, 2017
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Air leaks at your building not only cost you money but it affects how well the building stays comfortable. 



Here are a few places that are the top areas you typically find air leaks and what to do about it. 


A tightly sealed door with weather stripping should not leak air. Check to see that the weather stripping is still doing its job and that the door is the right fit so it is snug against the frame without open spots that are conducive to leaks.



There are a couple of areas that you might find potential leaks. These include where the frame meets the glass and where the frame meets the wall. To find these leaks if you cannot see any potential issues with the naked eye, is to use an infrared imaging device or air pressure testing.



While you may not think of your ceiling when it comes to leaks, improper insulation can be the culprit. Also check out exhaust fans if you have them and make sure they do not have any leaks. Overall, look at your insulation from a visual standpoint and make sure it is not damp or has any type of pest infestation. Use a leak detection kit to check for leaks with the exhaust fans if applicable.



Use your infrared tester in this are to check for air leaks and cracks in the foundation. Also make sure to look at the area where the foundation meets the building because gaps or cracks there can cause a loss of heating and cooling efficiency.



There are quite a few places there may be leaks via your walls such as along baseboards, on corners, and electrical sockets and switches. Make sure to inspect walls that lead to areas that are not climate controlled and exterior walls.



If your roof has damage from storms, ice, snow, or any type of weather damage, was not properly installed in the first place, or is at its end of warranty or expected lifespan, these are areas that have the potential for a loss in energy efficiency. Just like with the ceiling, check insulation to make sure it is still in good shape and doing its job.


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Implementing a energy-efficient building system certainly increases the overall cost of construction, but you will see a viable payback by using a CMMS program to help you an efficiency goal and keep your preventative maintenance on schedule.


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