Prepare Your Building for Climate Events With Preventative Maintenance

November 7, 2016
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Whether it's a major storm, a heat wave, or any other climate event – there are ways to protect your building better from these changes. Here are a few ways you can use preventative maintenance to ensure that the building you manage has the best defense against major climate events.snow-melt-comic.jpg

Energy Efficiency

One way you can increase your energy efficiency in order to prepare for those times you'll need to use the HVAC more often during high temperatures or very low temperatures. When it is time to get a new roof, think about looking into high albedo roofs, green roofs, and enhanced envelope strategies. Another option is to choose a heating and air conditioning unit that allows for you to expand for when it's not giving you enough heating and cooling during high or low temperatures.


Landscaping Options

One way to maintain storm water runoff for your building is to make landscaping choices that work well with changing temperatures. You do have to take into consideration that the zones for your plant hardiness are subject to change. This depends on things like the length of time between storms, and more frequent and intense heat or cold. Take into mind things like the average temperature, evolving precipitation patterns, and the amount of time each season lasts. When storms are severe, your storm water runoff is increased so by taking that into consideration, you can help your building with landscaping choices.


Building Materials

While you may not be able to choose the building materials that already exist, in the future you may want to consider more durable materials that can withstand stronger storms. What was storm-resistant in the past may have changed as storms have grown stronger in the last few years. Smart roofing strategies are important due to threats from storms that include wind and wind-driven water.



Pests may not be as much of a problem in colder climates but as the seasons get warmer, you may see in increase. Another increase can be due to the ground staying frozen for a shorter length of time so make sure that you check for damage to wood and other vulnerable building materials and consider amping up your pest control if needed.


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