Painting is considered Preventative Maintenance

February 12, 2018
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When you think of painting you may think of just beautifying an aging building or touching up a spot that is marred. In many cases, it is a maintenance procedure you want to put off simply due to the amount of tedious work involved.


However, painting and coatings are more than just something you do when the building needs a touch up. Here are a few reasons why painting is so important to your facility and why it should be part of your preventative maintenance schedule.



Appearance of the building is one of the first things that guests see if you are in that type of atmosphere. Even for those who manage plants where there are only employees, it is important to make the surroundings pleasant and eye-pleasing. How can you expect employees to want to do the best job possible if they do not see the same type of work from management or are in a workplace that has peeling paint on the walls?


Building Structure Protection

Paint is a protector as well as a means of making a wall, door, or building exterior look nice. Paint can be chosen by its ability to prevent mildew, stains, prevent, peeling, and hide surface defects.


Cost and Choices

There are many choices in paints – paint with higher concentrations of pigment, those that have specific ingredients to prevent mildew, those that work as a primer and a paint – the choices are endless. With all of those choices comes a cost. The better paint you get with more intense pigments will last longer and look better but will of course, cost more. The same goes for paints that have special binders or components that help prevent damage and those that are considered one coat paints. The bottom line though – you get what you pay for. A cheaper paint may save you money at first but it may take multiple coats and won’t last as long or look as nice.


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Some facility managers choose to allow professional painters to do any work that needs done – especially those in plants where workers do only maintenance on their equipment. However, if you are a facility that takes care of everything then you want to research what kind of paint is best for your needs without spending more than your budget allows.


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