New Staff Training Made Easier With Preventive Maintenance Software

June 23, 2014
1 min

When it comes to scheduled maintenance, there are many things that someone who doesn't work in the industry may not even think about. However, if you're a maintenance supervisor in a hotel, motel, school, hospital, or any place that provides a place where people stay for a length of time, you certainly know that there's more to it than having to unclog a toilet or make sure a remote has batteries.


With the right preventive maintenance software, you can not only keep up with everything that has to be done but it's a helpful tool for new employees. Your newbies won't have to assume what has to be done or ask a million questions because the work orders are generated for them with what has to be done and at what interval. So along with maintenance issues that come up, the preventative maintenance always gets done when it is supposed to be done and no one has to keep up with notes that can get lost or be that person who should have known and gets reprimanded for it being forgotten.

Examples of Scheduled Tasks

Here are just a few of the scheduled tasks that can be set up so they're never forgotten or not done on time.

  • Checking or changing out the air filters.
  • Changing batteries in remote controls.
  • Changing batteries and checking fire alarms.
  • Checking and changing out light bulbs when they need replacement.
  • Checking the fill valves, toilet seats, the seal between the tank and bowl, the seal between the bowl and floor, flush lever, and bolts. This is typically done at least once a year.
  • Checking thermostat accuracy once a year and to maintain that they are not tampered with or broken.
  • Checking water filters and ice makers in refrigerators.
  • Checking water fountains, sinks, and toilets in public restrooms to ensure safety and cleanliness.
  • For hotels, condos, and motels – checking swimming pool filters, water chemicals, fill valves, lights, GFI, life rings, safety hooks, and ladders.


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Time Saving

The right software cuts down on training time and new employee shadow time because everything is given to the employee remotely; they don't even have to head back to the office to get their orders, only if they need supplies. Furthermore, with the right schedule of tasks in place, all of the supplies they need can be picked up in the morning saving even more time. Gain access to the ideal way to run your maintenance shop while saving time and money.



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