Maintenance Tracking Software Will Help Eliminate Unwanted Guests

December 21, 2015
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There are typically five distinct areas of a commercial property that seem to get neglected more than the rest of the property. Unfortunately, these areas need to be maintained so that the problem areas do not get out of hand and become a much larger project taking up valuable maintenance time.



Enclosures such as dumpster and/or trash areas can become an eyesore even if your guests or employees don't typically see it on a regular basis. This not only adds to the introduction of insects and vermin but it can become an area that gets worse and worse until the cleanup is a massive one. Regular cleaning, spraying down liquid debris, and picking up trash is just the start of keeping this area from escalating into a huge future cleanup project.


Landscaped Areas

Landscaped areas may usually look beautiful but there is always that one flower bed or sidewalk that needs attention. Weeds pushing up through the cracks, dead plants, or trash in landscaped areas not only looks bad but gets worse if it goes unchecked for a long period of time. Make sure attention is paid to even the little areas in order for the larger picture to be just as beautiful.


Entrance Areas

Entrance areas are what the customer or employee first sees at your property that you maintain, so these areas need special attention. Whether it's making sure that the mulch is clean and fresh or making sure that the trees and shrubs are trimmed properly, this is the first impression the property makes. This is so important because it gives your facility the feel of a well-kept, clean place, enticing new customers to visit and existing ones to return in the future.  This also gives employees a sense of pride to work there.


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Keep the good customers coming in and the unwanted guests from ever showing up with Maintenance Tracking Software from Maintenance Care.  You can schedule these maintenance tasks in advance and monitor each one as it is completed. Scheduling and reports are easy to run from anywhere, at any given time of day, as long as you have a web browser connected to the Internet.  Neglected areas will no longer be an issue.


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