Keep Your Humidifier Running Efficiently With Preventative Maintenance

December 12, 2016
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In the winter when the temperature drops and the heat is running at high speed, the inside conditions at your facility can become dry. Not only does this make everyone inside uncomfortable, there are a few other negative effects. dry.jpg

Here are some reasons why you might want to consider installing a humidifier.


Energy Efficiency

While we will get to one of the most important reasons to install a humidifier in a moment, here is one you may not have thought of – becoming more energy efficient. The reason a humidifier helps with saving energy is that air that has more moisture is able to retain the heat better. What this means is that with a humidifier, the air in your building will not cool down as fast in the winter and you will save on heating costs. You might even be able to lower the thermostat a little bit, saving even more.


Protect Your Equipment and Finishes

You've probably been in a building where everything you touch gives you a little static electricity shock. This is because when the humidity in a building or room is below around 40 – 55%, it causes static electricity. Those ranges are normal and it is when they fall below that you have an issue but this can be a larger problem. Below normal humidity levels can actually damage your electrical equipment as well as the finishes on your wood items like the moldings and floors, where they can dry out and crack.


Comfort and Air Quality

Last but not least, one of the most important factors in installing a humidifier is the comfort level in your building as well as the air quality. If the air is too dry, there are a number of reactions to the people in that building such as an increase in asthma, dry and itchy skin, respiratory issues, and dryer air makes everyone feel cooler. While some things thrive in warmer air, your typical flu and cold viruses hang around longer in cooler weather so the humidifier would help with that too.


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Maintaining your equipment and prolonging the life of your assets can be easy with a preventative maintenance schedule from Maintenance Care.



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