Keep Parking Secure With Computerized Maintenance Management Software

January 23, 2017
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 One of the most important aspects of a business is security and safety and as a maintenance manager, one of the areas is the parking lot.


Parking lot security encompasses a few areas such as lighting, maintenance, and surveillance and depending on your building and the area it is in, you have to make the decision on how much is needed at your location.  Having a Computerized Maintenance Management Software, will minimize risk.



Lighting is imperative to ensure that customers and employees are in areas that are not dark and allow criminals or those with bad intentions to hide out. Areas that have good lighting are also good at keeping out those who break into cars as well.



Especially in larger parking garages and even regular parking lots in some areas, security and surveillance is important to make guests and employees feel safe and comfortable. Not only is this an excellent selling point for customers but it is typically good for insurance savings and makes sense in keeping everyone safe. Even if you simply have security check the parking lot or parking garage on a regular basis, that is a start. However, for larger areas – a camera system is a good idea so that the entire area can be monitored at all times.



Maintenance is another imperative part of parking lot security. By keeping the parking lot clean, free from debris and weeds, pot holes clear and filled, and a look that is kept fresh and new – the parking lot is less likely to be a place that is attractive to criminals. It also is more attractive to customers and employees will feel more safe.


Safety First

The point is to make the parking area, whether it is a parking garage or a parking lot, as safe and comfortable as possible. This means safe for vehicles to drive through and safe from break-ins, and safe for customers and employees to walk through.


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It takes just a little time to care for the area and keep it safe and with preventative maintenance, it can be done a little at a time rather than letting it pile up and having a much larger issue down the road.


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