Keep Energy Loss at a Minimum with Preventive Maintenance Software

February 13, 2015
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There are a few things that help contribute to your energy loss when it comes to running a maintenance facility. 


As you well know, an energy loss means less money for you and your company and even if you're not the owner, losses trickle down and affect every member of the staff. Here are a few areas where you can help keep energy loss at a minimum with Preventive Maintenance Software.


Windows and Doors

According to The Department of Energy, you can loose an amazing 5% of energy through your doors and windows. Whether it's a frame or seal that isn't up to par or the need to invest in energy saving windows and doors, these are the main areas that contribute to energy loss at maintenance facilities.

HVAC System

The area of your facility that can loose the most energy is your HVAC system – a whopping up to 50%. One thing to look for is the fan working harder than it needs to. Duct work, electrical, and registers are other areas of your HVAC system that needs preventative maintenance on a regular basis, especially before heavy use such as in the summer months.


Roofs are a place that can contribute to energy loss and many areas can be spot repaired to save money in the long run. Make sure to check for temperature differences and any gaps in the roof where energy can escape. Wet insulation is a major factor in the loss of energy and those numbers add up significantly over the course of each year.

Electrical System

Last but not least is your electrical system. Your transformers, distribution panels, and lighting control circuits should be maintained not just for energy loss prevention but safety as well. Overheated controls may mean there is a bigger issue that can lead to a fire or electrical shortage.

Every one of these things can be checked and covered under your preventative maintenance tasks. Small repairs are easier to do then replacing an entire component so that is why it is important to stay on top of them and look for any issues that need addressing. It is very easy to schedule your preventative maintenance with CMMS so that you always stay on top of what is needed.


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