HVAC Preventative Maintenance Helps Prevent These Repairs

May 19, 2017
1 min

Sometimes it is not preventable when it comes to repairs on your HVAC unit. However, in many cases there are repairs that could have easily been prevented with just a little preventative maintenance.



Here are three things to look for when performing preventative maintenance so you do not have a bigger issue down the road.


Frozen Evaporator Coils

These are an issue that can cause major damage if left unchecked. There are a few reasons why the coils may freeze up such as an air filter that is dirty which will prevent the warm air from reaching the coil, not enough refrigerant, or issues with the motor of the fan. All of this will cause a lack of cool air throughout the building because frozen coils inhibits refrigerant from continuing to remove heat from the air.


Water Leaks

One of the issues with an HVAC that is minor if caught in time but can be a real disaster if not, is water leaks. During routine preventative maintenance you can usually locate the problem and take care of it. However, if left unattended to it can cause water damage to your building. These leaks are sometimes due to condensation collecting on the inside coil and needing to be drained. If there is a clogged drain, this condensation causes leaks.


Efficiency Checks

One of the things to look for during a routine maintenance check is to make sure the HVAC unit is running at its best efficiency. Look for worn parts that may need replacement or any adjustments that will help the unit run better. Premature wear and tear can mean replacing the unit faster than you should have to if preventative maintenance is kept up with.


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These are just a few of the ways that preventative maintenance can help your HVAC unit stay working longer and have better dependability. While you cannot always prevent all repairs, you can at least stay on top of things and catch some of the issues that you can take care of sooner, rather then later when it is a bigger problem.



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