How Preventive Maintenance Software Affects Our Safety

July 1, 2015
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Just recently it became breaking news that the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) had not been properly maintaining the airport screening equipment in United States airports. Not only is this a serious allegation, this has supposedly been going on for nearly ten years.



According to the Inspector General,

 “There were two levels of preventative maintenance contracts in place at the time of our review – Level I maintenance performed by local TSA personnel daily or weekly which does not require opening a machine to inspect mechanical operations; and Level II maintenance primarily performed monthly, quarterly or annually by trained maintenance technicians. As part of Level II maintenance, contractors are supposed to verify TSA personnel’s’ performance of Level I preventative maintenance.”


“The IG reported that “TSA has not issued adequate policies and procedures to airports for carrying out equipment maintenance-related responsibilities. And because TSA hasn’t been adequately overseeing its equipment maintenance, “it cannot be assured that routine preventative maintenance is performed or that equipment is repaired and ready for operational use,” the IG said.


Ensure Safety

The maintenance that should have been performed properly included equipment such as walk through metal detectors, advanced imaging technology machines, X-Ray machines, bottled liquid scanners, and explosive trace detection machines.


Lead By Example

This is just one example of poor maintenance that could have been prevented. A CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software) program ensures that preventative maintenance and proper maintenance is scheduled accordingly and that work orders are executed automatically. This not only keeps maintenance schedules up to date and done on time but makes the workload easier on the facility manager.


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Preventive Maintenance Software can be used to ensure the safety of the public but it can be used in any facility – no matter how large or small. Whether it is a hospitality business, a bottling plant, an apartment complex, a nursing home, or a hospital; CMMS keeps the maintenance work orders up to date and easier to execute. It is a small investment to keep not only everyone safe, but to make sure that operations run smoothly and efficiently as well.

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