How Preventative Maintenance Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

April 17, 2017
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Keeping air ducts clean and HVAC systems restored not only makes can make you facility healthier but can save money as well. Here are a few ways that these things help out both financially and with the facility itself.54dcdd31469b524539c2d30fc26f347f.jpg

Here are a few ways that these things help out both financially and with the facility itself. 


Saves Energy

Making sure that the air ducts are clean helps the HVAC system run more efficiently and a more efficient HVAC unit mean better savings for your facility. There was a study done by the University of Washington that showed this can save up to 40% energy and that is a huge savings. This not only saves on the power bill but makes sure that the HVAC unit is working more efficiently and not pulling as much on the unit when being utilized.


Longevity of Your HVAC System

We all know that preventative maintenance works towards the longevity of your equipment and your HVAC system is no different. By keeping up with the preventative maintenance, you can replace parts, keep it clean so that it lasts longer and maintain so that it has a long life and dollars do not need to be reinvested in a relatively new unit. This also allows you to spot any problems beforehand so it can be taken care of before it becomes a issue and causes a small thing to turn into something big that ends up costing more costs than it should have with just regualar proper maintenance.


Clean Air

Clean air is crucial to any business or facility and by keeping the air ducts clean and the HVAC unit properly maintained, the air will be cleaner. This means that the harmful particles that get into the air and can make people sick, is lessened and people are less likely to get sick.. This is especially important for units in hospitals, other healthcare facilities and in any other type of building.


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You can easily schedule regular maintenance of your HVAC unit with CMMS from Maintenance Care. It allows you to set it up, knowing it is automatically sent out as a preventative maintenance work order when the time comes for it to be done. This makes your job much easier and ensures that the heating and air conditioning unit or units at your facility are well maintained and kept in good working order.


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