How Preventative Maintenance Can GREEN Your Pest Control Practices

June 28, 2017
1 min

In today’s increasing pressure to create a greener environment, commercial properties have to take responsibility to make sure that their business adheres to an earth-friendly approach. Along with energy conservation and water conservation, green pest control is another area that needs attention.


When implementing green practices, prevention and being proactive in making the area not attractive to pests is your best option but how do you go about this?


Here are a few basics that help create a greener pest control usage at your facility:


Educate Staff

Your staff is the first line of defense in anything maintenance related, including pests. Include them in your efforts and make sure that they are fully aware of the protocol you are taking in being more green. The preventative maintenance plan you implement should make sure that employees are fully aware of how to report pest activity, what to be on the lookout for, and why it is important for the site to remain pest free but in a more environmentally friendly way.


Talk to Your Pest Control Partner

Unless you do the pest control yourself, make sure that you have a discussion with your pest control vendor on designing a program that fits your budget, takes care of pests, and still helps keep the environment safe from toxins. Make sure that they know of things at your company that may affect their plan and let them know of any changes that may alter the effectiveness of their program.


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Get the Natural Look

There are also a few things that will help keep pests away the natural way. For instance, make sure that your sanitation is in tip top shape so that bugs or vermin are not attracted to trash, food items, or anything interesting to their palate. Clean the trash cans, spray down the walkways, and disinfect things like drains and dumpsters.


Seal It Up

Also be sure to seal cracks around doors and windows, trim the branches around the site, and consider landscaping other than mulch which can harbor some pests.  It may be easier than you think to implement a greener way of taking care of the pest control and all it takes to get started is a plan.



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